The first components of great design are great minds.

At STEL, we’re a passionate team of creatives. Whether we’re designing a product from scratch or developing a new customer experience, we value integrity, diversity, and creating a meaningful impact in every project we do.

From Santa Barbara to Bend –


Great design needs more than one mind. To nourish a creative environment, we’ve built a diverse team of individuals who bring their perspectives and talents to the table, and are equally as passionate about learning from their fellow creatives.

At STEL, we’re made up of engineers, designers, artists, and experienced leaders of all backgrounds, each driven to push the limits and execute at the highest level for our clients. Together, we share a fierce passion for creating impact through design and pursuing the things that inspire us every day.

STEL at our Roots.


STELE: noun, plural ste·lai

The stele of a plant allows growth, distributing key nutrients to every aspect of the whole. At STEL, this philosophy exists at any level. Every new project has the potential for something greater.

ELEMENT: noun, singular el·uh·muhnt

At their most foundational, elements build living things. We strive to begin every new project from the most elemental place, executing ideas that will create real, lasting impact.

Combined and abbreviated
to our name, STEL.


We’re a local team dedicated to the Santa Barbara creative community. Our studio is the realization of that fact, a collaborative environment for like-minded individuals to ideate, create, learn, and create connections. Our mission is to provide a studio where our people feel inspired, whether it’s at a workbench, 3D printer, or sketchpad.


Through STEL’s Studio, we’ve built processes based on collaboration. To realize the best version of an idea, we believe it takes a team with a diverse set of skills, experience, and talents. It’s collaboration in motion. From sketches all the way to prototype, we’re constantly engaged in creative discourse within our teams as well as with our clients.


We’re constantly drawing inspiration from the natural world around us. Our team is made up of adventurers looking to blur the lines between our next excursion and our next design idea. It makes us more passionate about what we do, and better at how we do it. Beyond the office, exploration is highly encouraged, because everything we learn and experience outside the studio can create something so impactful within it.

“Working with STEL has allowed us to dream bigger, remove barriers, and expand our product vision. Operating at a top-notch global level of design, they’re ambitious in their scope yet practical in their approach, which has enabled us to stretch and expand our product sphere.”

Noah Dentzel
CEO + Co-Founder, NOMAD


for the planet

We want to give back to the place that gives us inspiration whenever we can, to create a sustainable future for our planet. By donating one percent of all revenue, we’re taking a stand for environmental change at every level.

1% For the Planet is dedicated to supporting environmental nonprofits around the world. To learn more about their cause and to join us on this mission, check out their website and keep up with STEL on social media.

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