Pixel Watch 2 – 2022-2023

STEL has worked closely with the team at Google to produce high quality visuals for product launches, marketing applications, and social media use of the Pixel Watch 2. We’ve developed over 350+ assets in the last year for the release of this product, granting Google a huge variety of images they can use for any marketing needs.


Visual Design

High Poly Modeling

Something new STEL worked on with the Google team for this launch was high poly and low poly modeling of multiple band SKUs. The creation of these poly models allowed for various band and puck combinations for global use.

Down to the Details

High quality renders were produced so Google could market their 30 plus product SKUs. Across all the renders, STEL ensured consistency and quality were met. All images were produced to meet Google’s goals for the launch. These renderings  included– orthographic images for 31 Pixel Watch Bands (at 5-7 angles per band), 9 different band textures with multiple color swatches for each band type, showcasing various UI screens, high poly and low poly modeling, dynamic renders, as well as a variety of special retail requests.

Expeditious Efforts on an Accelerated Timeline

Something so monumental about this collaboration was the timeline we had for this project. STEL and Google were able to work in their collaborative efforts, and get all assets completed and approved in just two and a half months. With detailed scheduling, collective rounds of review, and the determination of our team, we were able to successfully complete this challenge.

Google maintains a relationship with STEL to continue designing top-of-the-line renders for their upcoming product lines.