The New Age of Communication

Introducing Cognixion ONE, redefining assistive communication technology. CXN ONE is the world’s first wearable speech generating device, combining a Brain Computer Interface with Augmented Reality to enable communication in those with disabilities like never before.

Cognixion came to STEL looking to design a tangible product that would house their revolutionary software. This headset needed to meet a very specific set of criteria, both from an exterior design and an internal engineering perspective, all while seamlessly integrating into the lives of those who needed it most. With CXN ONE, STEL was able to put product to Cognixion’s powerful mission.


Industrial design




visual design

Setting the Gold Standard

Cognixion’s cutting edge software needed state-of-the-art hardware to match, and was designed with that necessity in mind at every step. Three context-aware, predictive keyboard options, radial sentence builder tools, and an integrated AI assistant are all powered by 6 occipital-placed electrodes and 4G mobility, enabling full functionality and comfort from anywhere.

CXN ONE’s form was designed down to the most finite detail to ensure maximum comfort, usability, and confidence in the user. The AR headset features a dual display, BOA fit adjustment system, magnetic lens and housing panels, and quick release straps for additional fit security. Three degrees of freedom for head positioning enable multiple access options, and fixation enables selection of interface elements via use of visual evoked potentials (VEPs).

STEL designed an entirely mobile, accessible, and stylish headset that could meet the goal of Cognixion’s mission: create a wearable window to the world to enable communication for anyone and everyone.

Universally Usable

Meeting over 100 handling, usability, safety, and maintenance requirements, CXN ONE was expertly crafted to ensure seamless integration into any user’s existing routine. Designed for tetraplegic users with communication disabilities, the technology is usable in any position, in any environment.

Let’s Create Something

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