Wireless Charging Platform

Tesla reached out to STEL in need of an animation to launch their wireless charger. They wanted to showcase the design, features, and technology developed by Freepower® which makes the product so groundbreaking, while keeping the sleek and modern Tesla feel.


Visual Design

Scene Development

In developing this animation, STEL worked with both the Tesla and Aira Freepower® teams to create accurate and realistic visuals. Tesla wanted sleek visuals to showcase minute details and a premium feel that would attract consumers.

Material & Lighting

Throughout the project, the material was developed with the Tesla and Freepower teams to create accurate and realistic visuals. The PCB board details were created with PNGs that were provided and turned into texture maps.

Behind the Scenes

All three teams collaborated on creating a cohesive storyboard that would match the aesthetic of a normal Tesla product, while also showcasing the details of the charger, both internally and externally. Through a couple of rounds of storyboarding, all teams decided to create a video that would accentuate the product, drawing the consumer into this new premium, at-home charging method.

Further Explorations

Since the release of Tesla’s wireless charger, the STEL team has worked on exploring different avenues on how we’re able to rework the environments, positions, and movements surrounding this product to further tell the story of the charger itself. While still incorporating the sleek and modern feel of Tesla, we’ve learned how to continue showcasing this product with a fresh lens.

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