3D Marketing Renders

ZUGU reached out to STEL in need of assistance in their website refresh. STEL worked to update their product images by creating a more cohesive and sleek presence for their marketing material. The images below showcase an elevation in brand imagery which both STEL and ZUGU teams helped bring to vision. 


Visual Design

Crisp Carousels

Presenting the appeal of a product to consumers is essential when working on marketing images. STEL created a set of carousel images per product SKU to illustrate to ZUGU’s customer base the quality and aesthetic of their products. 

Part Of The Process

When working with ZUGU on these images, an important feature to take into consideration is the customer base of their product. STEL worked on ensuring that the feel of each render was both telling of ZUGU’s brand, while also reassuring the customer base that this website refresh did not mean too drastic of a change in ZUGU’s product line. We worked to create something that spoke to the past, present, and future consumer base of ZUGU. 

Let’s Create Something

Wherever you are in the products development process, we want to help you bring it to life.