Taking Your Watch All-Terrain

In Nomad’s newest Apple Watch Strap, STEL ruggedly designed the Sport Strap to withstand any and all environments better than anyone else on the market. In both Black and the all-new Lunar Gray, not only does the Sport Strap rise to the adventure, but looks great doing it.


Industrial Design



Visual Design

Equally Balancing
Performance and Style

When Nomad approached STEL with this project, the primary goal was to create a breathable, durable watch strap solution that could transition seamlessly from a workout to errands, work, or drinks. Balancing style and functionality was at the core of every iteration and every design decision made to create a watch strap that looked “lifestyle” on the outside, but felt “performance” on the inside.

Resetting the Standard
for Optimization

Getting to the Nomad Sport Strap started by studying the industry’s benchmark, Apple’s flagship watchband. STEL saw opportunities for optimization, and began designing something sleeker, more modern, more comfortable, and more functional than ever before.

With every iteration, the strap became more durable, more breathable, and more universal in fit, all while maintaining Nomad’s clean yet rugged brand aesthetic. Ergonomic testing on six different wrist sizes ensured which geometries would be the most comfortable and durable for each type of user. STEL focused heavily on how sweat interacted with the strap and the body, and how to create a watch band that mimicked human anatomy by not having a single flat surface.

Technically Designed for Performance

This strap’s compression-molded FKM rubber, a high performance antimicrobial fluoroelastomer, is perfect for high intensity use on the body and can be cleaned with ease. Attached by an aluminum close pin, the Sport Strap is one size fits most, and compatible with all versions of the Apple Watch, making it even more easily integratabtle for athletes on the go. Both waterproof for swimming, and heavily resistant to lateral slide out, the Nomad Sport Strap was built to last, without ever noticing it’s there.

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