AIIR – Portable Workout System

Redefining the At-Home Workout

In an era of prioritizing accessibility, the home-gym and individualized fitness programs have never been more prevalent. Bulky, expensive fitness equipment, however, has not followed suit. AIIR came to STEL looking to redefine the at-home workout by creating a full body exercise system that could fit in a cabinet, in a carry-on, or in the palm of your hand. The AIIR Line and Flow systems were designed for a high intensity workout at home, or to sneak in a quick workout on the go.







High Intensity Workout
in a Low Profile Package

The AIIR Fitness Systems were designed specifically for the always-moving business professional. This meant apartment buildings, carry-on luggage, hotel rooms, and quickly moving between them. AIIR looked to STEL to create the ultimate compact, yet durable workout system to keep up with the sweat, heat, and travel of a fast-paced lifestyle, that was easily usable no matter the fitness ability.

With every choice made in designing the Line and Flow Systems, the product needed to remain compact, lightweight, ergonomic, rugged, and beautiful. STEL’s Industrial Designers and Engineers collaborated at every step ensuring compact mechanicals would not only store within themselves functionally, but would look good doing it.

Built to Work Harder
and Last Longer

In the first phase of development, STEL prioritized perfecting the engineering of the pushup bars’ storage system to ensure superior compact workout equipment that was highly usable. Once the bars’ mechanics were secured, STEL engineers consulted personal trainers to expand the product offering and integrate the bars into a full body suspension workout kit. These trainers then created workouts for every fitness level based on the designed equipment, utilizing both floor and suspension oriented exercises to engage every part of the body.

With the set mechanics of the product and their curated workouts, STEL’s industrial design team began developing a variety of concepts for the client to select from. A final concept was chosen, multiple iterations were prototyped, and eventually the team arrived at a working sample.


Built to simplify at-home upper body strengthening, the FLOW chest & arm workout system is made of two carbon-steel push up bars, foldable supports, and compact 8″ x 3.75″ travel case. On top of a durable form supporting up to 300lbs, STEL ergonomically designed the FLOW system to ensure aligned posture and eliminate stress while exercising.


This full-body workout system is bringing accessibility to fitness like never before. Designed to be set up in a matter of seconds, the kit includes FLOW pushup bars with folding supports, non-scratch floor sliders, adjustable straps for door mounting and foot placement, and an 8.5″ x 6″ travel case. While promoting proper alignment and easing tension, the LINE system supports up to 350lbs and is compatible with dozens of exercises for every part of the body.

From the Studio
to the Palm of Your Hand

STEL utilized their extensive manufacturing knowledge and sourcing network to move AIIR’s workout systems to production. By aligning with appropriate resources, quoting out COGS, and creating the entire launch plan, STEL equipped AIIR to with an optimal go-to-market strategy.

Meanwhile, with the product’s working sample solidified and workouts expertly crafted, STEL and AIIR began building a brand identity through content creation, website development, and social media growth. Both teams worked to get the Flow and Line systems in the hands of more and more trainers and health professionals, drumming up interest in the revolutionary product and ensuring its quality.

What started as a sketch on a napkin, soon became Intellectual Property, a “New Art” Patent, and a successful product launch. STEL enabled AIIR to fully realize their concept, far beyond product development.

Let’s Create Something

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