Rugged Grilling, Anywhere

From concept ideation to market, STEL and Hitchfire brought life to a brand-new type of grill designed to be taken to the most remote locations on earth, ready to redefine outdoor cooking.

In collaborating with HitchFire to create the Forge 15 Rugged 2 Burner Grill, STEL created a highly integrated system for an untapped industry, where functionality is key and failure is not an option.


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Building for Balance

From the same minds that built Tepui, HitchFire put their trust in STEL to build a product that could follow the same pattern of success: become a staple on every outdoor adventurer and car camper’s vehicle.

In order to build a grill that could withstand the most extreme terrain and seamlessly integrate into the lives of its users, STEL designed with balance in mind.

Secure, but mobile. Functional, but simple. Strong, but light. Beautiful, but rugged.

Designed for
Adventurous Use

STEL collaborated with HitchFire to design an entire ecosystem for the grill. Featuring dual-zone, high-output burners, the Forge 15 is built for easy use and easier clean up. The overbuilt tubular frame construction is lightweight but able to withstand any abuse an off-road environment will throw at it.

STEL iterated based on the usability of the grill on the vehicle to create a product that would safely solve problems for people in the outdoors, and every environment that entailed.

It features fold-out prep tables that can be stowed quickly, an easy-to-read temperature gauge, full-size steel handle, silicone carry grips, removable grease trap, weatherproof cover, and a built-in bottle opener.

Attached via a pivoting swingarm, the grill can be moved away from the vehicle during cooking, safely tucked against the tailgate during transport, or detached from the hitch for tabletop grilling.

The New Era
of Overlanding

Since it’s launch with STEL, Hitchfire and the Forge 15 have been flooded with positive feedback from the outdoor community as their overloading, camping, and adventuring capabilities have expanded exponentially.

Never before has outdoor cooking become so accessible, and this is only Hitchfire’s beginning.

The Forge 15 needed to withstand every environment, so that’s exactly what STEL designed for.

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