Modernizing the Dining Table

The Foodie Booster is a redefinition of the baby chair, a foldable, sleek, safe, and simple alternative designed for everyday use in high-end settings.

Designed to be a focal point of the modern home while meeting stringent safety standards, Lazy Baby collaborated with STEL to create a high chair that eliminated the hassle existing baby seating created. From pinch points and stability to bacteria-resistant materials, STEL designed a chair that would fit beautifully in any home or restaurant, and that parents would trust for their child’s well-being through and through.






The High Chair Designed
To Be Looked At

To make a product that was sleek, stylish, and safe, STEL’s design and engineering teams needed to iterate heavily early on in the process. By experimenting with a variety of materials and kinematic approaches, STEL aimed to create an easy-to-user chair that could improve upon a dated concept.

The Foodie Booster’s primary goal is to seamlessly integrate into a modern home or restaurant, and STEL’s design teams wanted to produce a product that would be beautiful and modern, but also functional and easily packed away when it wasn’t needed.

Convenience Meets

The Foodie Booster’s final iteration is simple perfection. The foldable chair is crafted with solid beechwood for natural accents and a sturdy foundation, and uses food-safe polypropylene plastic for a nonporous seating surface.

Hidden stainless steel hardware ensures properly working joints that won’t rust or breakdown. The single-action, pinch-free button means the chair can be folded instantly, folding flat against the wall when it’s not in use.

Bringing Cardboard to Life

STEL’s design team started by iterating different concepts through sketches and cardboard molding so they could quickly pitch ideas to the client and make prompt adjustments. The engineering team then took those concepts and incorporated the kinematics to ensure the child’s safety and easy functionality.

Best of Both Teams

After ensuring all presented concepts could be manufactured at a high rate, both teams produced prototype chairs for testing. Each made additional adjustments based on client feedback, brought concepts together, and created the final chair design. Once it was approved for certification, STEL’s teams began manufacturing overseas

Exceeding safety standards, the world’s first foldable baby chair achieves a simple, beautiful design that fits just right at any dining table.

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