Military Strength Signal Blocking
Bags for Everyday Devices

EDEC creates products for an industry that cannot sacrifice functionality. In the signal-blocking, Faraday protection market, security is key and they needed a bag that could protect the consumer’s information in any circumstance.

When EDEC began collaborating with STEL, they looked to a design team that could preserve and prioritize protection technology in an attractive way, making cyber security more attainable for the everyday consumer.


Industrial design





Prioritizing Usability

This project centered around adapting existing technology for a broader market. Faraday bags have been in use by agencies for some time, but the everyday consumer has never had access to the historically cumbersome technology that prioritized security and ignored convenience.

Through their collaboration, STEL and EDEC bridged this gap. The OffGrid Mobile Bag needed to move EDEC from professional firms to common consumers by designing with accessibility and ease of use as a priority.

Agency Security,
Day to Day Accessibility

EDEC’s OffGird Bag is a sleek, stylish example of security at its finest. The single-fold velcro enclosure, backed by a magnetic closure, creates a continuous closed loop of Faraday materials for optimal signal-blocking capabilities.

Plus, it can be opened instantly for everyday use. The bag is a perfect intersection of professional forensic technology adapted for any market.

Finding the Security Sweet Spot

STEL’s engineering and design teams iterated each concept to optimize the intrusion blocking closed barrier, while maintaining an ease of opening and closing the bag for daily use.

After over 60 iterations, and 10 different construction concepts, STEL’s teams worked with their partners in manufacturing to produce a new form of fabric.

No Room for Error

This thin, yet durable Diamond Ripstop fabric was created with stitchless seams and four layers of Faraday material to create an even more secure seal, with no holes for increased signal-blocking capabilities.

After narrowing down to 3 potential concepts with 3 parallel production paths, each was sent to Australia for testing in a state-of-the-art facility.

In addition to product design, the STEL graphics team built EDEC’s marketing platforms, including a website and social media presence.

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