Base Station With FreePower™

The existing wireless charging landscape requires users to carefully position their devices in order to charge. NOMAD came to STEL looking to create a seamless wireless charging experience, housing powerful technology in a beautiful package.

NOMAD’s Base Station Pro has enabled freedom of position for the first time in a wireless charger; up to three devices can be placed in any order and any orientation for a rapid power boost.


Industrial Design




Visual Design

Designing UX from
Every Perspective

This project’s ultimate goal was to create a completely seamless, thoughtless charging experience. Creating this required rigorous testing from the user’s perspective on a technology that had never been introduced before.

STEL integrated their design and engineering teams, the Nomad team, and an external electrical engineering firm to build and test a beautiful product housing state-of-the-art charging technology. Together, they put a premium on technology that Apple hadn’t yet touched, in a way that remained true to the Nomad brand.

Wireless Charging for
Any Product, Anywhere

The Base Station Pro uses Aira’s FreePower™ technology to provide unparalleled flexibility in the form of wireless charging. Derived from the Qi Standard, Aira’s FreePower™ is compatible with any Qi-enabled device.

An 18-coil matrix lies beneath a seamless surface for an effortless charging experience. This hardware is housed in aluminum beneath a padded leather surface blending durability with comfort.

Outsmarting Heat

STEL’s design teams worked with an electrical engineering firm to create a housing that would be functional, but also as small and sleek as possible.

With small packaging comes higher temperatures, so throughout the design process, the teams worked together to determine which implements could be moved and which could be not.

Prioritizing Users

On each iteration, STEL needed to redesign the entire package, keeping in mind that the Base Station Pro needed to remain sleek, subtle, and completely seamless within the user’s day-to-day life.

By prioritizing the user experience at every single point, the teams were able to balance flexibility, power, and simplicity by integrating CPU’s to control temperature and designing around that.

By bringing several different teams together, STEL was able to realize a project that no one, even Apple, had ever realized before.

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