Keysmart – Max

The All-in-One Accessory

In developing the KeySmart Max, STEL’s design and manufacturing teams created entirely new processes and solutions to create a one-of-a-kind piece of technology that created new value outside of the existing KeySmart flagship line.

The iconic KeySmart shape would soon house bluetooth technology, and a stronger battery than ever before.






Elevating Convenience,
Maintaining Simplicity

STEL integrated multiple teams across the board, including industrial design, engineering, manufacturing, and prototyping to build a product that ultimately required no user thought.

Its features needed to be simple and effective, able to be used day-in and day-out without creating any new issues along the way. With the addition of technological features and a newer, longer lasting battery, simplicity was key to the project’s success.

Design Driven
By Architecture

The KeySmart Max holds up to 14 keys and includes Bluetooth technology to locate a lost phone or keys within 150 feet.

STEL also amplified the ringtone, brightened the flashlight, included a multitool, and doubled the battery power to 60 days on a single charge.

More Power, Less Space

Due to its small, narrow shape, STEL’s engineering team split the battery and the electronics on opposite ends of the product to make space for a larger, longer lasting power source.

STEL built the KeySmart Max to redefine everyday convenience for customers.

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